Found this epic 90s Yohji ad.

Norishige Shirataki

If Africa were to get a vogue it would be vogue Nigeria not vogue south africa 

truly me
  • Him: u want this dick
  • Me: yeah
  • Him: what chu gone do with this dick
  • Me: run from it the whole time we fucking

#teamrunfromthedick #teamcanttakedick

Anonymous asked: Do you know about justin j that does YouTube vids? He's where you're from. Got the nerve to read people and fumble and stutter like shit over his words in his videos

I don’t keep up with these stunt queens from Memphis

I’m really bad when it comes to reciprocating pleasure sexually cause youre having sex with me it’s all about me your attention is on me you’re fucking me like this inst about you grow lol

I give really bad head and don’t really feel bad about it.