*crops all the white girls out* 
Go the fuck off!!!

I just asked my mom to buy me a white iced chocolate mocha and an everything bagel from Starbucks and she laughed and told me to drive out there and buy it myself
*beyoncé honestly gif*

You know what i honestly love Chris browns music all you white people have your problematic favs so I get one to

Chris brown is the king of R&B



Check out what I did for Vogue at Afropunk Here. 



Anonymous said: People like you literally make me laugh

Run up get done up hoe!

Anonymous said: (staying on anon cause i can't deal with this shitstorm my semester starts in a week I CANNOT afford to fall back into depression before classes start) Thank you for dealing with this mess.. I'm an international affairs major who would drag asses for so much fucking #FILTH they would still be picking dirt out of their bootyholes 20 years into the future.. BUT I'd eventually begin to disintegrate into a pile of rage & hatred and I cant have that. Anyways you're my hero for keeping sane I love you

I’ve never had a problem being a mouth piece

Anonymous said: When did u get fisted


Anonymous said: Why don't you like Kelly Mizrahi?

She’s mean but Kelly is a ki