Anonymous said: Please check out Misspelled on YouTube and tumblr. It's a show about women of color that are witches. The show needs 75k to continue making episodes and they need it by sept 28. Please check it out and spread the word. Thank you.



loving this concept

Is cute you guys should check it out!

!!! Please watch it’s so cute

Spread this the world must see this

elitewifi said: There's a high chance that they are virus blogs so don't go on their blogs nor reply to any fanmail.

Good to know I block all of them

What does it mean when you got a buch of blogs following you that are empty like the urls be a bunch or random numbers and letters

ive been going to bed at like 7pm for the past two weeks and i look amazing honestly a healthy sleep cycle goes off


*presses life alert*


Alek Wek shot by Gilles Bensimon and styled by Jon Moore for US Elle July 1997